Weird starts-ups that were successful

Ghost Hunter app

An app developed by a company called Spud Pickles based in Utah USA and still available on Amazon for 63p. Does carry the reassuring disclaimer “since results for this application cannot be verified scientifically the app should be used for entertainment purposes”.

Died In

Available in the US to search 18 million addresses to find out if someone died at the house you are thinking if purchasing. Founded in 2013 and delivers a report for a fee. Maybe depends on how much you love the house whether you would go ahead and buy anyway.

Potato Parcel

Alternative novelty gift adding your personalized message to a potato and posted. Certainly quirky but could lead to being seen as a cheap skate by your loved one if they don’t get the joke. Now expanded to including having photos printed onto potatoes.

The Something Store

Again available in the US (there seems to be a pattern here). Place an order for $10 and receive something in the post. Guaranteed to brand new, shipped for free and legal, beyond that could be anything.


Survived for four years but actually closed in 2016. More for the ladies as it was a strong bra with built in pockets allowing keys, phone and money to be stored securely. As most women will tell you normal bras can be uncomfortable so maybe large pockets in your jeans may be easier.

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