How does it feel to move from the corporate world to a start up?

In the corporate world when emails drop so regularly into your inbox you can’t keep up and a break of an hour means another five requests then it is certainly refreshing and a shock when your inbox drops to less than 10 a day and most of those can go straight into the trash bin. Emails can however be a comfort blanket so be prepared to feel a bit lonely when you are no longer in demand.

One of the great frustrations of the corporate world is meetings ,now known as zoom, teams and skype. Not having most of your day filled with endless meetings frees up an enormous amount of time to actually get work done however going from talking to colleagues for hours every day to just having the dog as your colleague does seem strange.

Instead of having tasks given to you and objectives set you become responsible overnight for having complete freedom to set your own objectives and fill the time with tasks that you think are important. This does require strong motivation however as there are lots of potential distractions, like shops, friends etc


Last and certainly not least there is the change from knowing a certain amount of money will appear in your bank account on a certain date each month to being completely responsible for generating your own income. Remember when you first left home and stepped into the big wide world, exciting but also scary. As it is likely to take a while for business to come in having financial security to be able to pay the bills is critical unless you want many sleepless nights.

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